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Banneker History

Benjamin Banneker was an outstanding scientist, astronomer, mathematician, and surveyor who lived during colonial times. He was born in 1731 on a farm outside of Baltimore, Maryland. He received some formal instruction when he was 12, but was mainly self-taught. He was one of the leaders of his time in the use of technology and was a driving force in the area of human rights. When he died in 1806 he was acclaimed throughout the world for his accomplishments.

Planning for Benjamin Banneker Elementary School began in 1989 under the leadership of Ester Richey (former principal), with the help of a site task force. The school opened in the fall of 1990 at Pershing Elementary School, a temporary site, with a total of 328 students. By the fall of 1991 the new school site was completed and the student body numbered 600. The new building was officially, and most appropriately, named after Benjamin Banneker.

Today Benjamin Banneker Elementary School has approximately 420 students.

photo of banneker building
students of banneker on playground